The Logic Team

The truth about working from home. 

by Mile Ivicic

About The Author

Mile Ivicic is a CEO of Luxour Inc (Private Holdings Company), and Founder and Owner of Logic Team ( He has 12 years of experience in start-up companies and small to medium size business operations. His experience extends from aviation logistics, ground transportation, business development and more. 

What is it really?

You will find hundreds if not thousands of online articles and videos, companies and individuals teaching you how you can start working home for as little as few dollars. 

Most of these articles and videos are theories and ways for companies and individuals to earn revenue while giving you some basic knowledge information in return. 

It is possible to make money while working from home, however, in order to accomplish such task it takes more than 20.00 dollars, and in most cases hundreds upon hundreds of hours. 

Establishing a work from home environment starts by the self discipline which most people don't have. Working from home is no different than starting a small business. If you plan on starting a blog, the first task is developing the content, then the second step is marketing that content and the third step is making money from that content. 

These three basic tasks on establishing a blog can take well over 12 months and costs of up to several thousand of dollars just in advertising material and marketing cost. 

Now for those who believe in building their own website and think that they can have 10000+ visitors per day while paying several dollars a month for hosting, think again.

Most hosting companies use the phrase "unlimited" to lure you into thinking that you can have as many visitors as you'd like. The term that they use is "unlimited does not equal infinite", thus limiting you to about 5000 visitors per day. 

You think your website is yours on a cheap host? Think again! Most hosts will shut your website down or suspend it if your website reaches over 5000 visitors per day, which let's face it that's not really a large number of the audience
if you plan on having your sole source of income from advertising. 

Coming up with a plan such as offering products and services is a good start for any blogger and associating partial member only page is also beneficial in increasing revenue. 

For those who are looking into e-commerce sites, again most of these small companies limit you to a number of product, bandwidth and the other number of factors which they claim to be unlimited.