The Logic Team

If you won't risk it, you'll never make it.

Written By Mile Ivicic 08/16/2017
I remember my first business like it was yesterday. I didn't have much, but I had my ambition, vision and a drive to succeed. When I started my first Company, the original plan I have drafted was for a Luxury Car Service, for a "cost of a taxi cab". From the visionary part to a start-up the Company has become more the what I envisioned it to be. It's only then when I truly realized that anything is possible. 
One of your biggest challenges in life will be staying focused when it comes to establishing a small business. 

The second challenge is a risk. Without taking risks your venture will eventually reach its maximum potential cap point and in most cases when it comes to young entrepreneurs, they don't even begin the development stages of their vision. 

You will be bombarded by a number of books who are focused on success in business, starting a business and similar topics, however, keep in mind that most of these books are written in theory. In most cases these books are written by individuals who never even drafted a business plan, not to mention run a small business. 

Today most of the society prefers to be told what to do instead of having a mind of their own, which in this case an individual will purchase a book and pay $29.99 to learn about establishing a business from a book that's been written by an individual who has never even started a company of their own.

We all need to learn. None of us are born with knowledge and information into this world, however, it's important to know what your resource of learning is. 

I can't teach you how to fly a spaceship since I've never flown one. However, another individual who sees a potential in a market will pick up a few basic books about spaceships and in theory, teach you what they claim to be facts about how to fly a spaceship. In this case, you'll crash before you even take off.