The Logic Team

Begin A New Journey

We believe that no stone should be left unturned. 
Logic by Mile Ivicic was started in 2016 as a blog and quickly attracted a large number of readers across the web. Today we are not just a blog, we are much more than that, and we are rapidly expanding. 

We are not building a staff of people, we are building a team, The Logic Team. 

What is Logic by Mile Ivicic?

We are a small team of creative individuals who build companies strengths and provide powerful content. 

When Ivicic started "" Blog in 2016 he never thought his blog would attract the number of readers it has today. He quickly evolved MilesLogic site and applied his skills and knowledge acquired over the years.

Today MilesLogic.Com provides a wide range of services to companies and individuals. We are rapidly growing and looking to expand our team. Our main focus presently is content building and marketing. 

We have big plans for our site, this is just our beginning. 
Mile Ivicic
This is my story, your story, and their story. Logic by Mile Ivicic is still a growing Company. We have however come a long way since 2016. Each and every day we are experiencing rapid growth. 

I have built a strong team of very creative individuals, and due to our growth and high demand, we are looking to expand our team and give an opportunity to a large number of skilled individuals to join our Team. 

We have a large number of position opening in late 2017 and early 2018. 

We are not just looking to build a staff of employees, we are looking for a team.

Let's begin by building a career of your dreams together. 

"Remember to truly become successful you must be willing to make compromises and sacrifices in life. Dedicate few years of hard work for a life time of freedom"
Is Marketing and Sales something that you are just simply the best at? Finding a Company which rewards your hard work can at times be challenging. We believe that hard work should be rewarded, and with us the opportunities are endless.
Love to write? They love to read. By 2020 we aim to reach 250K visitors per day on our site, and they would love to read your side of the story. We are currently seeking a wide range of content creators for topics covering, Life, Business, Entertainment, Love and Relationships. 
Is being in charge and management your kind of a dream job? With our rapid expansions we will have several new career placements for our Corporate Opprotunities. Be part of our Creative Executive Logic Team, and see what we're all about.