The Logic Team

Welcome to our blog; a place where emotions and opinions are replaced with logic. 

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We are a small team of influencer, entrepreneurs, ambassadors, and individuals who have a wide range of experiences which we share on this site.
The foundation originally began as a WordPress blog written by Ivicic himself, which after 12 months has turned into a small enterprise of multiple writers.

Our site is still a blog, and our team possesses one of the biggest superpowers on Earth, "The Experience".

We don't talk about theories, and fiction but instead, we discuss topics of which we have experienced and learned.

We are strong believers in educating yourself through experience. Going to school and learning a craft is fine, but you cannot grow using theory, you've gotta get your hands dirty! Trial and Error. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, they will eventually lead you down the right path.

We are not James Joyce, so don't expect James Joyce quality writing. What you can expect are stories of our experiences through life and with it the knowledge of how you can improve yours.